Dental Feedback

Well iQ benefits your dental office by driving staff engagement, empowering patient feedback, and improving positive public reviews. Automated, real time patient feedback on the entire patient journey provides you with actionable data to increase employee retention, improve patient satisfaction, and drive loyalty.
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Mobile Feedback

Automate Public Reviews

By automating your patient feedback, you can also automate how easily you receive public five star reviews for all of your locations.
Tangible Staff Performance

Boost Staff Performance

When you capture feedback for every touchpoint on a patient journey, you are provided with tangible insights to quantify and recognize those efforts.
Reporting and Analytics

Reporting You Understand

Measuring the patient experience is the first step to improving it and our effective reporting allows you to quickly understand what your patients are saying.
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Better Patient Feedback Starts with Well iQ

Our holistic approach to feedback provides you the full picture.

Empower Feedback.
Fuel Growth.

Your focus as a dentist should always be on the patients, and growing a business means providing those patients the best experience possible. If you are not asking all stakeholders how to improve, you will not be able to take those actionable next steps to grow your patient population and retain your valuable employees. Well iQ automates the feedback process for each of your patients, to help grow your practice and recognize your staff.

Easy for Patients.
Useful for Administrators.

By making the process of giving feedback frequent and easy, you will create a line of communication with your patients like you have never had before. That feedback is then surfaced up to your administrators with our easy to use reporting suite. Recognize your top performers, quickly identify actionable insights, and manage complaints in real time.
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