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The seamless bi-directional API integration with athenahealth automates the process of requesting feedback from patients using Well iQ.
Easy to use for all your patients from pediatric to senior care.
Increase staff recognition and retention.
Drive online reviews with high survey completion rates.
Make data driven decisions using the Well iQ dashboard.
Maximize your reimbursements.
Bi-directional integration with athenahealth.
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Automate the process of requesting feedback from patients.

Automation on Receiving Patient Feedback

Your staff will no longer need to worry about getting patient feedback manually. We work with you to identify the frequency at which you would like to send our digital feedback requests and the behaviors on which you are looking to receive feedback.

Our team helps configure which appointments trigger surveys and we do all the setup for you including if you want to send the survey when the patient arrives or after they are discharged. Once that feedback starts to flow into Well iQ you can begin making more data driven decisions!

Automation on Receiving Patient Feedbacks

Acquiring Valuable Data on Staff Performance

Well iQ specializes in acquiring patient feedback on staff performance and our integration with athenahealth strengthens that ability.

Each survey identifies the staff encountered along the patient journey and requests specific behavioral feedback on those staffers. This dynamic feedback process encourages a positive impact on outcomes and creates shared accountability that allows for positive recognition instead of punitive commentary. This data serves as the foundation of recognition & rewards efforts that have been proven to reduce the hard and soft costs of employee turnover.

Acquiring Valuable Data on Staff Performance

Simplified Reporting To Take Action

With all the data brought in through our surveys, we have created a collection of reports that allow you to take action.

The bi-directional integration with athenahealth allows for the high level details of patient surveys to be put back into their patient record, which in turn allows your practice to anticipate patient expectations. Meanwhile, our reports provide meaningful insights for staff and quality metrics inclusive of the entire patient journey, the behaviors that impact the patient outcomes, and the location that the care took place in. Additionally, we are always happy to provide custom reports to help you better uncover the data that drives you specific business use cases forward!

Simplified Reporting To Take Action

Simplify Management on Public Ratings and Reviews

Patients have more choices than ever before and proactively managing patient expectations and experiences has become an essential component to managing your organization.

Public reviews and online reputation in general, are vitally important considerations for new and existing patients. Our digital surveys have the option for patients to give feedback on public websites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp!, and HealthGrades to name a few. All our clients have seen incredible improvements on their public ratings and reviews. With some clients seeing over a 1000% increase in their number of Google 5-star reviews, our integration makes healthcare reputation management easy.

Simplify Management on Public Ratings and Reviews
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