Product Feedback

Well iQ benefits your product development, marketing, and sales by empowering customers to provide actionable feedback on the entire product experience, from selection to sales, to support. Automated, real-time feedback makes it easy for your organization to implement actionable improvements that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improving public ratings and reviews in the process.
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Mobile Feedback

Automate Public Reviews

By automating your customer feedback, you can tap into the power of digital word-of-mouth marketing by increasing the number of public five-star reviews you receive across product categories.
Feedback For All

Actionable Feedback

General feedback does little to inform where specific improvements need to be made. Dial in your feedback to understand exactly what is needed throughout the entire product cycle.
Reporting and Analytics

Reporting You Understand

Measuring the customer experience is the first step to improving customer satisfaction, and our effective reporting allows you to quickly understand what your customers are saying.
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Better Customer Feedback Starts with Well iQ

We integrate directly with your product registration process to fully automate the feedback process.

Product Focused.
Customer Obsessed.

Growing revenue and market share for your product means providing customers with the best experience possible. If you are not asking customers how to improve, you will not be able to take those actionable steps to focus your design, marketing, sales, and support resources. Well iQ automates the feedback process for your customers to help grow your business efficiently and effectively.

Easy for Customers.
Useful for your Brand.

By making the process of giving feedback frequent and easy, you will create a line of communication with your customers like you have never had before. That feedback is then distilled to your product managers with our easy -to- use reporting suite. Pinpoint areas for improvement and address concerns in real time.
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