Peer to Peer Feedback

In any demanding work environment, recognizing and appreciating your team members is more crucial than ever. While there are many forms of recognition, Well iQ's peer-to-peer recognition offers a unique and powerful approach to elevate your team's morale, engagement, and overall performance
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Powerful Dashboard

Peer Recognition

Our peer to peer feedback platform allows your staff to recognize the behaviors you care about. This allows performance discussions to be objective.
Powerful Dashboard

Benchmarking for Staff

Easily compare and contrast staff across departments, locations, or even the entire organization. Analyze staff to see their Well iQ score.
Powerful Dashboard

Earn & Redeem Points

As staff recognize their peers you have the option to reward them with points which can then be redeemed for items defined by your company.
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Staff Members Want to Recognize Their Peers

If you only ask your clients for their feedback, you are not getting the complete story. Your staff have valuable recognitions that they are waiting to give.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

When you receive feedback from peers it feels genuine and personal, fostering a stronger sense of belonging and value within the team. This leads to an increase in motivation inspiring everyone to strive for excellence and contribute more actively. All of this combines to produce teamwork that encourages colleagues to support each other and try to achieve shared goals.

Boosted Morale and Well-being

Celebrating successes together creates a more positive and uplifting work environment, reducing stress and promoting well-being. Additionally, when you feel valued and appreciated by your peers it leads to higher job satisfaction and reduces burnout and turnover intentions. Recognizing individual contributions strengthens the team bond and fosters trust, respect, and camaraderie.

Improved Customer Care

Open communication and collaboration facilitated by strong team bonds lead to better care for your customer. Recognizing each staff members contributions creates a sense of ownership over the outcomes that they are helping to produce which leads to an improved overall experience. It is that accountability that encourages a shared responsibility which minimizes errors.

Ready to Unlock the Power of Peer-to-Peer Recognition?

Implementing a peer-to-peer recognition system is a simple yet impactful step towards building a stronger, more engaged, and effective team. By empowering your team to recognize and appreciate each other, you can create a positive and productive work environment that ultimately benefits your customers and your organization as a whole.
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Our subscription fee is based on a per-provider price and the size of your practice. It covers all integration costs, surveys sent and includes unlimited access to the Administrative Dashboard and reporting for the duration of your contract, so there are never questions or surprises down the road.

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