MEDENT and Well iQ Forge Partnership to Deliver Fully Integrated Patient Feedback Solution Via Well iQ Platform

August 19, 2020 · By Peter Harnish

Partnership pinpoints feedback throughout the patient journey with real-time feedback, improvements to company public profiles and encourages engagement

AUBURN, N.Y. & SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE) MEDENT, the all-in-one software development and services company focused on automating medical practices, and Well iQ, the visual patient feedback platform, today announced their strategic partnership that allows MEDENT providers to begin using the innovative patient feedback platform immediately and see significant improvements in patient feedback, public reviews and staff engagement.

The pandemic has elevated the importance of recognizing the extraordinary efforts of healthcare workers at every patient touchpoint. Many digital surveys and patient feedback mechanisms do not encourage staff level recognition and miss the mark on improving the organization’s public review site profiles — a vital component in a consumer-driven healthcare environment. Feedback alone does not impact an organization; action is also important, making the integration of feedback directly into an Electronic Health Record (EHR) so important.

MEDENT’s EHR system is an all-in-one system which combines its EHR, patient portal and practice management software to give clients the best options possible on-site or via telemedicine. The company has established itself as one of the most trusted and proven brands in the industry by continually supporting businesses to become healthier and more efficient. MEDENT set out to create a partnership with Well iQ to improve the benefits their EHR offers MEDENT clients.

“The Well iQ survey platform immediately showcased what has been missing with patient feedback and how it should be done. By adding a full integration with MEDENT, we complete the feedback loop and provide our clients a robust solution to pinpoint feedback throughout the patient journey. That makes it easy for the patient, and the organization, whether it is an in-person visit or done using our telehealth offering,” said Barbara Cuthbert, MEDENT sales and marketing vice president.

Well iQ is a visual patient feedback platform that allows patients to quickly, and easily, give feedback on their experience with staff throughout their patient journey in real-time. The revolutionary product has already shown survey response rates that triple the industry average and increase public five star ratings and reviews over 300 percent.

“Recognizing healthcare workers has always been important, and our platform makes that process easy. The partnership with MEDENT is exciting because they have the same values when it comes to putting providers and patients front and center,” said Peter Harnish, CEO of Well iQ.

Schedule a demo by visiting or email [email protected].

ABOUT WELL IQ Well iQ is the second product from San Diego-based Mention My Biz, Inc. It’s a SaaS patient feedback platform that allows patients to give feedback at all points of their patient journey while improving the healthcare facility’s public profile. Using staff faces and eye-catching endorsement badges, the process is fun and easy to complete. Visit

ABOUT MEDENT Focused on automating medical practices, MEDENT has combined its EMR/EHR, patient portal and practice management software into a simple, all-in-one system. For more than 50 years, MEDENT, headquartered in Auburn, NY, has been providing its services, technology, products and support at the forefront of a growing industry. MEDENT matches the unique needs of 11,000 health providers in 37 states. Visit

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