Well iQ helps Excelsior Orthopaedics Patients live the Excelsior Dream

June 16, 2023 · By Alison Harris

Excelsior Orthopaedics sought a survey solution for real-time patient feedback across multiple locations without increasing administrative burden. Well iQ’s patient survey solution met their needs by providing real-time feedback and enabling patients to share their experiences on public platforms like Google Reviews effortlessly. This streamlined process increased reviews and public ratings for all eight locations. Excelsior Orthopaedics sends over 225,000 surveys yearly, accumulating 2,100 reviews with an average 4.7-star rating, benefiting their patients’ Excelsior experience.

At a Glance

Excelsior Orthopaedics chose Well iQ to provide an easy-to-use patient feedback solution that included real-time feedback on patient experience, reduced administrative burden, and improved public ratings and reviews.


Excelsior was using paper surveys that were shared after the patient visit was complete. The surveys had to be mailed, reviewed, and the data manually entered. Patients that did not have an optimal experience had to wait weeks for resolution and turned to public channels to share any complications that arose during the office visit which negatively impacted public ratings and reviews.


Excelsior Orthopaedic’s wanted a solution that would provide real-time feedback from patients from the moment they checked in until they finalized billing.

  • Real-time service recovery
  • Every Patient Touchpoint
  • Intuitive Administration


Real-time Patient Feedback

Excelsior is able to engage with patients during every step of their office visit and fix any service or communication issues as they happen. Patients are thrilled at how important patients are to Excelsior and how seriously feedback is taken.

Easy Administration

Reducing administrative burden was a key factor for selecting Well iQ. The simple administrative dashboard and easy set-up have enabled the Excelsior team to easily follow up on survey results and include over 600 employees in the survey platform.

Staff Love Feedback

Feedback, kudos, and quotes recorded in the Well iQ platform are regularly shared with staff via newsletters, emails, and reviews. The quotes are patient direct and the kudos can be from patients or peers. The positive feedback energizes staff and drives them further.

Client Testimonial

“Excelsior patients love how seriously we take patient feedback and how important it is to our staff to provide an excellent patient experience. Our public reviews have improved because we have real-time information about how a patient visit is progressing and can ensure excellence at every step of their visit”

Sandra S
Manager, Registration and Customer Advocacy
Excelsior Orthopaedics

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