Unleashing the Power of Member Feedback with F45 Training

May 20, 2024 · By Peter Harnish
F45 and Well iQ


In today’s competitive landscape, exceeding member expectations and optimizing franchise performance are mission-critical for fitness brands like F45. Well iQ empowers these brands to achieve both goals by providing a powerful, data-driven platform that captures and analyzes member feedback across an entire network of locations.

To pilot the use of Well iQ, five Southern California franchise locations were selected with the goal of providing member feedback on Coaches and Facilities. This would have two large impacts: 1. To identify areas for operational improvement and 2. Automate and increase the number of public reviews as a source of competitive advantage. Increases in public reviews are the most effective form of digital word-of-mouth marketing and can result in double digit revenue growth for each increment of ratings improvement.

First Month F45 Results

  • 2,900% Increase in Google 5-star Review Frequency
  • 9,000+ Member Endorsements for Coaches
  • 6,000+ Member Endorsements on the Facilities
  • 90% Completion Rate for Opened Surveys
  • Multiple Actionable Insights Identified and Resolved

Why It Matters

Voice of customer is essential for all businesses, and any fitness location can use Well iQ to help them get that voice from their members (and staff). Well iQ survey data goes beyond high level insights- delivering actionable data that informs the recruiting, training, and retention of staff, as well as overall operational improvements. Externally, survey data translates to public reviews, which well over 90% of customers look to for referrals; the quantity, quality, and the frequency of these reviews drives credibility, and represents the most cost-effective marketing tool available today.

If you do not ask members, you will never know where meaningful improvements can be made or who should be recognized for doing a great job. Well iQ makes managing this entire process easy through our comprehensive administrative dashboard that encompasses one, or hundreds of locations.

Key Points

  1. Members were happy with the overall member satisfaction score coming in at nearly a perfect 5 out of 5 across all F45 locations.
  2. Members had something to say. Over a 4-week span we received nearly 15,000 pieces of feedback that would have otherwise not been captured.
  3. Only 10 pieces of feedback triggered an automated negative notification in our real-time complaint management system.
  4. Google ratings and reviews performance sky-rocketed across all locations for frequency, quantity, and quality.
  5. Franchise owners were able to quickly identify areas for improvements that were otherwise unknown.

Global Insights

Visibility of Voice: Well iQ facilitated a complete view of member sentiment and coach performance across all F45 pilot franchises from a single platform.
Benchmarking Success: Comparing location performance across all studios, and coaches, to identify top performers and leverage their best practices is table stakes with Well iQ.
Data-Driven Decisions: Informed decisions based on real-time actionable insights propels brands big and small.

Create Culture

Improve Staff Morale: Publicly acknowledging coaches and their contributions, leads to a happier, more motivated workforce.
Retain Talent: Recognizing and rewarding valuable team members reduces turnover and ensures staff quality continuity.
Attracting Talent: Commitment to coach development attracts higher-caliber individuals.


Studio Insights: Location owners will gain in-depth understanding of member satisfaction with their specific studio and its coaches.
Actionable Feedback: Identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to enhance member experience & retention.
Coach Development: Provide targeted feedback and training to raise the bar across the board.

Create Your Advantage

Increased Leads: Satisfied members are more likely to leave glowing online reviews boosting your visibility and attracting leads.
Compete: Differentiate your brand through continuous improvement, demonstrating a commitment to member satisfaction and coach/staff development.
Enhanced Brand Reputation: Positive feedback translates to increased trust and loyalty.

What Did F45 Owners Say?

The F45 owners loved the automation and the results. We are proud to say that after the first month the numbers continued to increase for our pilot group with one of the owners saying this:

Well iQ is a strategic investment in the future success of F45 that harnesses the power of member feedback and data-driven insights to unify your global network, empower individual franchises, and continue to propel your brand to the forefront of the fitness industry.

F45 Training Pilot Studio

Watch the below video testimonial from Jason Clements on the impact the pilot had for his three F45 Studios in Southern California:

What Did F45 Members Say?

He is truly an amazing instructor! He is so engaged, present, motivating, and gives corrections often. He is my favorite instructor so far!

Absolutely amazing! She helped correct my form so kindly and she helped me make modifications due to an injury. I love when she is the coach in my class!”

Your studio is always in great condition and it is always welcoming by your staff. You have created a wonderful culture. Yours is absolutely top notch.


Many businesses feel uneasy about requesting feedback from customers because they are afraid that the feedback will be negative and that the customers may resist the process of providing that feedback. However, what we have seen is that when you ask members about coach performance and ways to improve their experience, they are more than happy to provide it. Additionally, when you make it easy to do, that feedback tends to be positive, and leads to changes that grow your business and member base. But if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. As Well iQ continues to expand into more and more fitness studios across the country, we are excited to apply our knowledge and capability to help other brands drive results like the ones F45 has enjoyed.

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