24 Ideas to Implement at Your Practice to Improve Healthcare Staff Experience

March 8, 2023 · By Alison Harris
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Improving staff experience for healthcare practices is vital to retention, positive reviews, increasing patient engagement, and improving patient experience. This list of best practices for improving staff experience provides healthcare organizations with a comprehensive guide to ensuring staff are happy, productive, and engaged. Topics include communication, recognition, trust, and tips on creating a positive and supportive work environment for staff.

  1. Provide staff with professional development opportunities
  2. Show appreciation for staff work and contributions
  3. Give employees voice and ownership in decision-making
  4. Set achievable, measurable goals with staff
  5. Allow staff to connect with other departments and teams through competition or staff rotation
  6. Provide regular feedback and recognition
  7. Offer meaningful and challenging work
  8. Promote a healthy work-life balance
  9. Provide recognition during rounding or staff meeting
  10. Create an open and supportive environment
  11. Celebrate successes and milestones
  12. Implement a flexible working environment
  13. Allow staff to take the initiative and lead projects
  14. Foster a sense of community among staff
  15. Offer flexible work schedules
  16. Offer financial rewards and recognition for excellent performance
  17. Encourage staff to give and receive feedback
  18. Provide adequate staffing
  19. Create a culture of trust and collaboration
  20. Implement policies to ensure workloads are distributed fairly
  21. Offer benefits to promote physical and mental health
  22. Implement burnout prevention training
  23. Reduce administrative burdens
  24. Employ technology to reduce task redundancy

There are many more ways to improve the experience for healthcare staff. If there are ways that were missed, share them with us on our LinkedIn post!

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