Agile Startup Mention My Biz Inc. Launches Digital Patient Feedback Platform

May 14, 2019 · By Peter Harnish

Well iQ encourages patient feedback and employee engagement, can optimize reimbursements for healthcare providers

SAN DIEGO, May 14, 2019 Mention My Biz, Inc, a San Diego-based tech company focused on rewards and referrals, has launched Well iQ, a new digital survey tool that gives healthcare providers real-time patient feedback on staff performance.

The second digital product in the Mention My Biz portfolio, Well iQ borrows from the proprietary Mention My Biz platform, created to help business owners understand their customers and identify their best employees for greater success.

“The Mention My Biz foundation of encouraging customer feedback in a fun and innovative way translated seamlessly to healthcare,” said Peter Harnish, co-founder and CEO of Mention My Biz. “Well iQ facilitates comprehensive patient feedback for a better patient experience. Quick and easy to use, Well iQ addresses the historically low response rates to healthcare surveys. Additionally, using the platform encourages staff to provide quality service, which leads to a better public profile for the business.”

Coincidentally, new legislative changes to the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) has Well iQ providing another timely benefit to providers: healthcare facilities can instantly earn Improvement Activity points for MIPS by utilizing the Well iQ tool, thereby maximizing Medicare claim reimbursements for healthcare practices large and small, national and local.

“Well iQ is focused both on patient and business health,” said Harnish. “We launched our platforms to help small businesses gain the word-of-mouth referrals they need for success while giving the public a voice, whether identifying those who are doing really great work within a company so they can be rewarded or providing necessary feedback for optimal healthcare.”

Supporting healthcare providers across the nation, Well iQ is now being used in several states in various healthcare settings as early adopters quickly see the benefits of the platform. San Diego-based WorkPartners Occupational Health Specialists uses Well iQ and reports an over 60 percent improvement in its Google rating, a stronger online profile and over 100 percent increase in survey completion rates.

The Well iQ survey, delivered digitally to the patient, consists of pictures and contextual badges that the patient selects based on how they think the staff member performed. The platform encourages providers to celebrate their successes by offering performance-based rewards to motivate staff to provide high-quality service. A friendly competition over the most earned badges can increase staff engagement and feedback can provide insights for future training.

Co-founders Peter Harnish and Scott Strother initially funded the start-up Mention My Biz through a Kickstarter campaign and are currently on their second round of investor-led fundraising. Their agility and perseverance have allowed them to successfully navigate the peaks and valleys of the start-up landscape. With the new healthcare offering and the application to other industries, including travel and human resources, the Mention My Biz brand is well positioned for growth.

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