15 Ways to Increase Positive Patient Engagement

March 3, 2023 · By Alison Harris
patient experience tactics

Increasing positive patient engagement can be anything from asking a patient how their visit was to the patient leaving reviews on social media posts or search engine pages. Creating patient engagement programs doesn’t have to be complicated and can drive accountability without adding unnecessary stress or pressure for healthcare staff.

  1. Offer patient engagement materials, such as brochures or videos
  2. Develop patient portals to allow patients to access their medical records and communicate with providers
  3. Utilize mobile health applications
  4. Incorporate patient feedback into decision-making
  5. Use text message reminders
  6. Create an interactive website with health-related content
  7. Utilize real-time, interactive patient surveys
  8. Offer online payment options
  9. Conduct patient recommendation surveys
  10. Provide patient-centered follow-up care
  11. Develop patient groups and forums
  12. Hold patient-focused events
  13. Implement patient-centric policies
  14. Provide patient education classes
  15. Offer incentives for patient engagement

There are many more ways to improve the patient engagement experience. If there are ways that were missed, share them with us on our LinkedIn post!

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